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Are you looking to enhance athletic performance and prevent injury?



Whether you're looking to recover from an injury or seeking a simple way to enhance your athletic performance, the Nadi Ball Method will help you meet your goals so you can stay in the game.

​Through guided strengthening, stretching, and massage, the Nadi Ball Method provides a wealth of benefits that help athletes perform at their peak. You'll feel less tense and notice improvements to your strength, flexibility, and mobility. If you've been sidelined due to an injury, this recovery technique can be paired with physical therapy or chiropractic care to help speed up your recovery and get you back in the game sooner.

​The magic is the soft, pliable Nadi Ball™, which offers an important source of biofeedback. Your body melts around the ball, loosening tight, crunchy knots and ultimately reshaping the fascia – the scaffolding of connective tissue throughout your body that supports your muscles, bones, and joints. You can target the hips, back, feet, shoulders, and knees for added stability and pain reduction in the areas you need it most.

​Your Nadi Ball Method subscription allows you to practice anytime, anywhere with a mix of livestream classes (yes, live online classes with actual interaction!) and a growing library of on-demand videos. You can go at your own pace, on your own schedule. Now, let's get the ball rolling!

"I used to run and competed in dozens of marathons. I loved it, but suffered many injuries from overtraining. ... Recently, I tried Sytera's Nadi Ball Method and, very quickly, my pains diminished and disappeared. ... I believe a regular routine of ball rolling will reduce future imbalances and injuries."

-Hiroko S.

Subscription* includes:

  • Weekly online livestream classes (yes, live online classes with real interaction!) followed by a link to the recording of each class.

  • A growing library of Nadi Ball Method videos available to use anytime, anywhere.
  • A monthly "15 Minutes for 15 Days" livestream series focused on a specific part of the body.

  • A 20-minute one-on-one consultation with me – your coach, Sytera Field.

  • No long-term commitment. Cancel the next month's renewal anytime.


/ month

*Subscriptions are charged month-to-month. There is no long-term commitment, and you can cancel the monthly renewal at any time. PLEASE NOTE: You will need a set of Nadi Balls for your practice, so don't forget to add those to your cart. If you have a discount code from a Nadi Ball partner, you can use it to save 20% off the first month of your Nadi subscription and 20% off the Nadi Ball Combo set (a total savings of $22.80)!

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