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What is the Nadi Ball Method?

Sytera's Nadi Ball Method is a mix of guided stretching, strengthening, and massage that will empower you to supercharge your wellness. The method targets the fascia or energy lines (also called "nadis"), the body's scaffolding of connective tissue surrounding the muscles and organs. This easy-to-follow method relieves tension, increases strength and mobility, reduces pain and stress, boosts the immune system, and all-around helps you feel like the best version of yourself!

Unlike other body rolling and self-massage techniques that utilize clunky and uncomfortable gear such as foam rollers, the Nadi Ball Method uses soft, pliable Nadi Balls™, which provide a vital source of biofeedback and naturally allow the body to sink in and relax. The instinctive feel of the Nadi Ball makes it easy to get rolling and quickly delivers powerful, full-body results.

We have something for everyone! 


Are you interested in new wellness techniques to help you get back to feeling like your best self? Try out one of our free videos!


Our challenges are just 15-minutes for 15-days! We understand that you are busy and might not have time for a whole class, which is why these practices are bite sized!


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Sytera Field

Hi – I'm Sytera Field, founder of the Nadi Ball Method and your coach throughout your wellness journey. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, I am a successful studio owner who began practicing yoga and holistic wellness in 1994 as a means of recovery and connection to my body after breaking my leg in a rock climbing accident.

Through my study of Thai Yoga Massage I was able to witness the powerful and tangible effects of myofascial release on healing and strengthening the body and feeling more connected to oneself. As I incorporated myofascial release into my yoga offering, my business skyrocketed. I needed to find a simple, sustainable way to bring these benefits to many more people, and the Nadi Ball Method was born.

I look forward to guiding you on this journey and helping you achieve your wellness goals with the Nadi Ball Method. Let's get the ball rolling!


"Nadi Balls are effective for just about everybody. What I like about Nadi Balls is it reaches the areas that you might not be able to reach."

-Dr. Hirad Bagy

Founder, United Wellness

Team Chiropractor for the Washington Football Team, Washington Nationals, and DC United


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This 10 cm ball is a must-have for your Nadi Ball Method practice. We use this Nadi Ball to roll out the fascia in some of the harder-to-reach areas of the body. 


Nadi Ball Foot Reverse.jpg


The "Big Nadi" is 17 cm and is perfect for rolling out the fascia on some of the larger areas of the body. This is a must-have for your Nadi Ball Method practice. 


Nadi Combo.jpg


The Nadi Ball Combo is our best value pack and comes with the Nadi Ball, Big Nadi and small white ball.


"Though I consider myself in good physical shape, I had chronically tight muscles in the front of my shoulders and chest, locations that were always difficult to massage or use traditional foam rollers. I had struggled for months with tightness that extended down my arms making everyday chores challenging. Sytera and her Nadi Balls have literally changed the quality of my life and my overall fitness level. I sought out Sytera specifically for the healing nature of Nadi Balls and could not be any happier with the results. In a short amount of time using the Nadi Balls and Sytera’s guidance, I had life-changing results. I could literally feel my body loosening and was able to move with more fluidity. I have never been able to achieve this through conventional stretching or massage and, more importantly, the results were instantaneous. Sytera and the Nadi Balls have immeasurably improved the quality of my life.  There are no words grand enough to describe the positive impact that they have made for me."

-Kristine P. 

Nadi Ball Pracitioner 

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