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The Holistic Approach of the Nadi Ball Method

When it comes to injuries, it can be easy to think only about the “big bang” incidents: the sudden crash or the gut-wrenching tear that made you stop in your tracks and cry out in agony. These moments of intense pain stand out in our minds and, quite naturally, remain forever ingrained in our memories. However, they are most likely not the only sources of our pain. In fact, many injuries are not caused by a singular shocking incident, but rather by everyday wear and tear to the human body.

Though we may not be consistently aware of it, our bodies are always under pressure from both our own body mass and gravitational force. If we are even slightly out of alignment in our posture, this pressure causes an immense amount of tension as we move through each and every moment of life.

Nadi Balls are designed to relieve the body of this tension—and our Nadi Ball Method takes a much more holistic approach to healing than a simple muscle massage. Read on to learn more about the holistic benefits of the Nadi Ball Method.

Nadi Balls Release Tension Through Rolling

The Nadi Ball is a tool for myofascial release, in which pressure is applied to target muscles and the fascia surrounding those muscles to offload the tension that has built up in that area. By lying down on a Nadi Ball, you are able to easily identify the muscles in need of focus and use the pliable ball to release any tightness.

Unlike foam rollers, which can be hard, clunky, and unnecessarily painful, Nadi Balls are soft and specifically designed to reach those hard-to-reach places without causing you to clench. The Nadi Ball’s unique design allows for a more peaceful and accurate fascia release, which ultimately results in more freedom of movement and better posture.

Enable Systemic Energy Movement

The Nadi Ball Method involves more than just rolling with a Nadi Ball. By incorporating yoga poses in the routine as well, you will encourage the energy that was just released to move throughout your entire system. The flow of energy creates a wider impact along your pathways, and the whole-body benefits are plentiful. For example, cortisol is lowered, waste is eliminated, and nutrients are absorbed more efficiently—and those are just a few of the systemic wins.

Encourage Healthy Intrapersonal Boundaries

The Nadi Ball Method also facilitates strength training by allowing you to identify your tense muscles, restructure your typical movement process, and build muscle in a healthier way using your body weight and the Nadi Ball. Ultimately, strength training with the Nadi Ball encourages the formation of strong, healthy boundaries that you need in order to stay true to yourself in the face of constant pressure from the outside.

Nadi Balls Create Honest Communication with Our Bodies

While engaging in the Nadi Ball Method, you will find that you are more mentally present and connected to your body. You will be more aware of your breathing patterns and able to recognize whether your breath is free or labored. In this process, you will begin to trust your body more; and, conversely, your body will learn that it can trust you as well.

Provide Space to Reframe Our Self-Talk

Building trust with your body can be a great way to start practicing more positive self-talk. Self-talk includes the messages we tell ourselves throughout the day. As you become more connected to your body’s movement, you can also begin to appreciate your body and the way it engages and interacts with the world. Ultimately, the Nadi Method encourages you to peel back your layers, find your center, and practice self-love.


We hope this post answers any questions you may have regarding the holistic approach of the Nadi Ball Method. For more information, please feel free to reach out to us here. We would be honored to speak with you.

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