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Our Favorite Ways to Use the Nadi Balls

Sytera’s Nadi Ball Method is a restorative combination of guided stretching, strengthening, and massage that empowers you to supercharge your wellness routine. It targets the fascia or energy lines (your nadis), the body’s scaffolding of connective tissue that surrounds the muscles and organs.

This easy-to-follow method relieves tension, improves mobility, reduces stress, and so much more. If you’re ready to feel like the best version of yourself, then we invite you to hop on your yoga mat and get rolling today! Below are various options for using the Nadi Balls, as well as guided practices to help you get started.

Neck & Shoulders

If you have a desk job or spend long hours looking at your screens, you know how tense your neck and shoulders can feel by the end of the week. When we’re stressed out or hyper-focused, the weight of the world tends to settle in this area, causing us to slouch. And by then, our backs have begun to feel achy… but more on that later.

One of our favorite ways to use the Nadi Balls is to roll out the shoulders and neck. This ritual allows you to tap into a sense of relaxation and ease that will carry you through the rest of your day or week. Here is a guided practice we think you’ll enjoy.

Back & Hips

Roll your way to happy hips with the Nadi Method! All of Sytera’s hips and back practices utilize the Nadi Balls to massage the lower body and create space for your unique energy to move and flow. This is especially important for those who work or study for extended periods of time. A sedentary lifestyle makes for a cranky back, which can affect the entire body.

You’ll love our hips and back practices at the end of a long road trip or if you’ve been feeling generally nervous or anxious. Here is a guided practice to help you reset.

Legs & Feet

We spend so much time rushing from one task to the next that we often forget to take a moment and just be. One of our favorite ways to use the Nadi Balls is to find stability and groundedness through the legs and feet. It’s like standing in your favorite power pose… but even better!

Sytera’s legs and feet practices are especially great for runners who are searching for hamstring relief. Stretch, strengthen, and massage your way to greatness in just 30 minutes per class. Here is a great one to get you started.

Relax & Destress

It happens to the best of us. Life gets crazy and overwhelming, and it doesn’t take long to develop physical symptoms of stress. If you’ve been feeling tired, run-down, or sick, Sytera’s relax and massage sequences are for you. Each class is designed to help you reboot with less stress and more clarity.

Through the power of myofascial release, you’ll discover decreased brain fog, muscle tension, and energetic congestion. Find length in your spine, open your hips, and relax the neck and shoulders with this guided practice.


To learn more about the benefits of myofascial release, check out our brief rundown here. To purchase your own Nadi Balls and get rolling, visit our shop here. And to join Sytera for a LIVE Nadi Ball class, view our schedule here.

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