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The Ultimate Goals of the Nadi Ball Method

In our last blog post, you read about how the Nadi Ball Method and myofascial release can benefit your athletic training. However, the Nadi Ball Method is not just about physical exercise, and the three main goals reach much deeper than any specific muscle or tendon in the body. The ultimate goals of the Nadi Ball Method are Awareness, Understanding, and Empowerment. Read on to learn more about each of these goals and how they contribute to your overall wellbeing.


The Nadi Ball Method helps you gain greater awareness of what you are feeling. As we navigate the stressors of life, our daily posture and poor habits can easily push our bodies out of alignment. This misalignment impedes the flow of our emotional prana, which ultimately leaves us feeling unwell in our bodies. The worse we feel, the more we start to disconnect from our bodies, creating thought patterns along the lines of, “I have a ‘bad’ shoulder,” and “My body is preventing me from achieving my goal.” We start to blame and internalize our pain as we interact with this sensation, and we naturally begin to pull away even more because it’s scary to deal with these feelings.

The Nadi Ball Method helps you reframe your thoughts about how your body is feeling, which in turn helps to steady the mind. If you pull back from overanalyzing and instead just breathe into the support of the Nadi Ball, you can let your nervous system relax as you begin to feel and experience your body again without fear or blame.


Along with being aware of how your body and mind are interacting with each other, the Nadi Ball Method also helps you understand why you are feeling what you are feeling. It achieves this goal by allowing you to become intimate with your fascia. Fascia is the biological fabric that holds us together, a scaffolding of connective tissue. Understanding the fascia is integral to understanding your health. When your lower back is always stiff and you feel restriction in your range of motion, you are actually experiencing disorganized and scarred fascia. Likewise, when your yoga teacher uses words like “tight,” “restricted,” or “closed off,” they are describing fascia that has become too thick and stressed. By gaining a better understanding of your fascia, you will gain a better understanding of yourself.


With this increased awareness and understanding, you will ultimately be empowered to create actionable change. The Nadi Method is a tool to stretch, strengthen, and massage the muscles, fascia, and joints. Your body will get stronger to give you the energy you need to be engaged rather than depleted by your life. Your range of motion will increase to allow you to accomplish all you set out to do: whether that goal is being an active grandparent or an Olympic athlete.

If you are interested in increasing your Awareness, Understanding, and Empowerment of your health, then it’s time to start the Nadi Method. Begin your monthly subscription today or learn more about what the Nadi Method has to offer here.

Photo by sippakorn yamkasikorn on Unsplash

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