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What Is the Nadi Ball Method and How Does It Work?

Roll it

Stretch it

Strengthen it

Roll it again

This simple, four-part process is the secret sauce of my Nadi Ball Method. But what does this combination of

rolling, stretching, and strengthening do for you? The method has two main benefits:

  1. It serves to release tightness in the fascia and the muscles, relaxing and restoring your body and mind.

  2. It acts as an important source of proprioceptive biofeedback. Or, in simpler terms, it helps you gain greater body awareness and how everything in the body is connected.

Especially for beginners of the Nadi Ball Method, this explanation may seem technical and perhaps a little intimidating. So, let’s break the method down step-by-step so you can see how simple it really is.

Roll It

Let’s say you go to your personal trainer because you want to strengthen your glutes. One problem: do you have a sense of where your glutes are exactly? And how the glutes are connected to other muscles and are supported by a web of fascia? When you scan your body, so to speak, are your glutes just “muscles around my butt”?

Clearly, we all need to work on our glutes. But since we don’t have a strong sense of them, it can be difficult to do the work effectively. Squats and other muscle-strengthening exercises won’t do anything to help you gain awareness of your glutes within your body. Instead, you risk straining another area of your body that is already strong, an area that is compensating for the work that your glutes are supposed to be doing.

However, by simply rolling your glutes and the surrounding fascia, you can gain awareness of exactly where the glutes are because most of your proprioceptors (the sensors that tell your mind where your body is in space) live in your fascia. That’s an essential first step. It establishes the mind-body connection missing from too many wellness methods and exercise routines. Immediate feedback from the Nadi Ball provides you with a visceral sense of what and where you are supposed to be working, so you’re working the right thing.

Stretch It

Now that you have greater awareness of the area that needs attention – in this case, your glutes – it’s time to stretch! Stretching allows you to mobilize the targeted area of your body and break up adhesions in the fascia to release tension. In the Nadi Ball Method, we use Nadi Balls® as a source of biofeedback to make sure we’re stretching the right muscles and as props to support the body in various positions as we stretch.

Stretching is the key to strengthening. Stretching loosens your muscles from their contracted state and smoothes out kinks in the fascia to provide a fuller range of motion. Your muscles can then “slide and glide” more easily, which is necessary for strengthening effectively.

Strengthen It

We’re all familiar with how to strengthen a muscle. We do so through targeted, repeated use of it. In the Nadi Ball Method, we use our body weight and the weight of the Nadi Balls® to facilitate strengthening.

Over time, as you use and work your muscles correctly, you gradually build greater strength and awareness in your body. Your joints don’t have to work so hard. You feel less tense. Your muscles and fascia rebuild and reform themselves, better preparing you for life’s demands. That’s the real definition of “fitness.”

Roll It Again

It’s important to give your body time to absorb all the good work you just did – which means, it’s time to roll it again!

Foam rollers are clunky and hard, and can make you clench, aggravating your nervous system and preventing progress. The Nadi Ball®, on the other hand, is soft and pliable, gets into hard to reach places, and provides an immediate feeling of calm, which allows the benefits to resonate within you, boosting your progress.

During this “rest and digest” mode, you receive an influx of wellness benefits. Your cortisol (the main hormone associated with stress) decreases, nutrients are absorbed more effectively, waste is eliminated, and joints and muscles are bathed in hydrating, protective fluid. You feel so good your body urges you to come back for more.

Bottom Line

After engaging in the Nadi Ball Method, your nervous system is calm and your body is happy. Greater awareness of your body and mindful movement is now in your playbook. You are better able to use your body healthfully without having to think about it. The result is more energy, more confidence, more strength, and greater protection from injury. That’s why I always say, “If it feels nice, it must be Nadi!”


Want help with rolling, stretching, and strengthening? I can be your guide and help hold you accountable, lovingly of course! Learn more about my Nadi Ball Method subscription here.

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