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  • What is myofascial release?
    Check out our article on the subject here.
  • What does "nadi" mean?"
    "Nadi" is the term in traditional Indian medicine for the energy lines that run throughout the body. The nadi lines correspond to the qi meridian lines in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which are the focus of acupuncture, as well as the fascia system in Western medicine. Like tributaries that run into rivers that ultimately flow into the ocean, nadi lines intersect at different points in the body. These points of intensity are known as the chakras. When you massage and stretch these points, you relieve tension, tightness, and stress.
  • How does myofascial release improve athletic performance?
    Myofascial release improves proprioception, the perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body. Most proprioception cells exist in the fascia, the connective tissue around the muscles. When the fascia is stimulated or loosened, you gain a greater sense of awareness of your body in space, and your reaction time and coordination improve.
  • How does myofascial release help with pain?
    Your fascia – the connective tissue or energy lines supporting your muscles, bones, and ordans – contains pain receptors. Myofascial release decreases pain, stiffness, and soreness by allowing this connective tissue to glide and slide more easily.
  • How do I cancel my Nadi Ball Method subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription anytime by emailing us at at least 2 days before your next scheduled monthly payment. Your subscription will be permanently cancelled as of the next payment date. (For example, if your next payment date is November 20th and we receive your cancellation request via email no later than November 18th, then your subscription will be cancelled starting November 20th.) If your cancellation request is received less than 2 days before your next payment date, then your subscription will be canceled starting on the following month's payment date. You can log into your Nadi Ball Method account to see your next monthly payment date. Please note: we do not offer refunds, full or prorated, on your current month's subscription.
  • How do I reach out to Sytera with any additional questions?
    You can reach out to me anytime via the contact form below or by email at with any question or concerns. I will respond quickly.
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