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How can the Nadi Ball Method improve your wellness?

Whether you're looking to heal from an injury, find a means of relaxation, or simply increase your energy and mobility, I'm here to guide you through this simple but powerful method with your unique wellness goals in mind.

The Nadi Ball Method is a guided stretching, strengthening, and massage technique that can be practiced on your schedule, anytime, anywhere. Unlike other body rolling methods that utilize hard surfaces, we use soft, pliable Nadi Balls™. The responsive texture allows you to melt into hard-to-reach places, loosening those tight, crunchy knots and reshaping the fascia  –  the layer of tissue around your muscles, bones, and joints. 

​What you get is a whole-body experience that relieves tension, increases flexibility, and improves overall well-being. And you can target specific areas of the body for increased mobility, strengthening, and pain reduction, including the hips, back, feet, shoulders, and knees. It feels like a relaxing massage, with all the physical benefits of exercise!

The best part is you don't have to go it alone. If you've ever wondered how to make self-care a consistent part of your life, I'm here to help make it sustainable and bring out your unique best. Time to get on the ball!

  • Weekly online livestream classes (yes, live online classes with real interaction!) followed by a link to the recording of each class.

  • A growing library of Nadi Method videos available to use anytime, anywhere.
  • A monthly "15 Minutes for 15 Days" livestream series focused on a specific part of the body each month.

  • A free 20-minute, one-on-one consultation with me – your coach, Sytera Field.

  • No long-term commitment. Cancel the next month's renewal anytime.

Subscription* includes:


/ month

*Subscriptions are charged month-to-month. There is no long-term commitment, and you can cancel the monthly renewal at any time. PLEASE NOTE: You will need a set of Nadi Balls for your practice, so don't forget to add those to your cart. If you have a discount code from a Nadi Ball partner, you can use it to save 20% off the Nadi Ball Combo set!

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