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Healing with the Nadi Method

At some point, we all experience dysfunction in our fascia system. Be it from overuse, acute injury, poor posture, or emotional trauma, when enough is enough, our bodies let us know through feelings of pain or discomfort. Think of them as the initial stops on a healing roadmap.

Most people don’t understand the signals of the body, why they feel uncomfortable, or what to do about it. Fortunately, dysfunctional fascia is our specialty. The Nadi Method cuts through the noise of habitual patterns and unhealthy movement quickly and safely. Read on to learn how it works.

Utilize Creative Movement

Traditional Western methods dissect the body to explain its various functions in a targeted way. This approach is evocative of a robot, pieced together and useless when missing even a single part.

For a more holistic perception of health, we need to treat the body as if it were grown from a seed—rooted in the earth and always stretching toward the light. The body knows what it needs to heal and sends continuous messages to help us understand. If we picture each of our systems as members of a team, we can approach healing more creatively.

The Nadi Method permits us to move our bodies in creative ways (as children do in play). It is through this “novel” movement that all parts of the body are challenged enough to flush out tension and tightness. This invites our innate healing response to take over.

React Appropriately to Feedback

Our bodies speak to us in the form of soreness, tightness, and, at times, pain. We call these messages “feedback,” and how we react to each “ping” is an important determinant of healing.

Rather than poking or prodding sore, painful areas, the Nadi Method targets the fascia related to those areas. This creates space for healing energy to move and flow. Opening these energetic pathways—versus aggravating parts of the body that are asking for help—encourages relaxation, a hallmark of good health.

Understand the Energy Body

Understanding the role of the energy body, including the nadis and chakras, is essential to achieving whole-body wellness and optimal performance.

Your body is constantly integrating your life experiences, gathering feedback from your physical environment, mental capacity, and emotional state. Far from being an insignificant speck in the broader universe, your system is intricately connected to the world around you. If perceived stressors or dangers begin to wear on your mind or heart, your physical and energetic systems also suffer.

Like the fascia system, the nadi and chakra system relates to every part of your physical body. This includes your circulatory system, nervous system, immune system, digestive system, and many others. Your energetic body affects your posture, hormones, and even breath. Crazy, right?

With the Nadi Method, we are able to target not just your physical body, but your energetic body as well. By stimulating a healing response that begins in the nadis and chakras, your entire system benefits, leading to increased flexibility and decreased pain.

Increase Circulation

On the physical level, the fascia is in constant contact with the nadi system. Your body feels external input as load, vibration, tension, stretch, pain, etc., and reacts to it. Before you have a chance to decide “how you feel about it,” a message has already been sent to your brain. This message is conveyed to the fascia and nadis, which either store that experience (trauma) or allow it to move through you, processing the experience instead of solidifying it.

If our experiences do get stuck in the fascia, we must move in a way that facilitates physical healing, a return of what we call “slide and glide.” Myofascial release with the Nadi Method improves blood and lymph circulation and, practiced regularly, reforms the fibers of fascia to encourage reorganization. At that point, the tissues are able to maintain appropriate amounts of water and increase muscle function.

Put simply, Nadi Balls compress tissue for hydration and provide the friction necessary to pry loose any bound-up fascia or muscle fibers. Healing begins right there, in the thick of any stored trauma.


We hope this post answers any questions you may have regarding the healing power of the Nadi Ball Method. For more information, please feel free to reach out to us here. We would be honored to assist you in your healing journey and to help restore function in your fascia system.

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