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The Nadi Ball Method and Why It Works

The Nadi Ball Method is a form of myofascial release that uses our signature soft, pliable balls. They’re gentler and more compact than standard foam rollers, and when combined with the practice of yoga, well… Let’s just say that our clients describe the results as “magic.”

When it comes to relieving chronic pain, the Nadi Balls are a tried and true method of reducing inflammation in the fascia. By decreasing inflammation, we notice a decrease in pain, allowing us to reshape our physical and energetic bodies to better support us in our daily lives.

The great news is that you don’t have to struggle with chronic pain to make the Nadi Ball Method work for you. In fact, many of our clients use the balls to enhance their athletic performance and uplevel their yoga practice. No matter your health and wellness goals, the Nadi Balls are here to support you on your journey. Here’s how.

Clearing Trauma

If you’ve recently experienced a traumatic event such as an accident or surgery, your body has likely undergone some significant changes. The energetic body constricts under duress, leading to the thickening of the fascia and the loss of pliability. This lack of flexibility and mobility can lead to chronic pain.

Through the Nadi Ball Method’s unique blend of myofascial release and yoga, we are equipped to release this tension and move forward with more ease. No need to hold uncomfortable poses for long periods of time. Instead, we properly prepare our nervous systems to receive this physical and energetic release.

As is true of traditional yoga practice, it all begins with the breath, which leads to one of two paths. On one path, tension begins to dissipate. On the other path, the tension worsens before it gets better (and it will get better). No matter which path you end up on, it is an invitation to listen to your body, working with it rather than against it.

When it comes to trauma, the trick is to listen as you would to someone you love and adjust accordingly. Sometimes, our nervous systems simply aren’t ready to let go of the past, and that’s okay. Your trauma is not wrong or bad, and it’s not your permanent state.

Cleaning Up Toxicity

The world is full of physical, mental, and emotional toxins, and it’s impossible to avoid them all. When excess toxins become lodged in our tissues, our internal and external ecosystems suffer the consequences. There are many ways to get out ahead of this issue, and the Nadi Ball Method is our favorite.

Your tissues are on a different timeline than your mind. The mind can jump from one thought to another at the speed of light… but the physical body doesn’t care about that. Oftentimes, in order to heal, we must move away from “mind speed” and focus our attention on “body speed.”

This is an opportunity for change and growth, but we can’t muscle our way into it. When we try to outpace the body’s natural healing responses, it only increases tension. Through the Nadi Method, we learn to walk before we run and get in touch with our breath instead of slamming into poses. It’s both more gentle and more powerful.

Resolving Repetitive Overuse

Do you often find yourself repeating the same movements over and over again, day after day? This is the case with most people, and if we’re not careful—especially if we lack proper posture—we can create unwanted tension and tightness in the body.

To resolve repetitive overuse injuries, we must train our nervous systems to accept novel sensations. Over time, this allows us to sink deeper into yoga poses and stretches, which in turn allows us to reshape our physical and energetic bodies.

The Nadi Ball Method is about total fascia fitness, so once we’ve rolled and stretched the fascia, we also strengthen it. This is a vital aspect of healing from repetitive overuse. Usually, if we’re targeting the same muscle groups every day, the surrounding areas aren’t as strong. To heal is a full-body workout!

Upleveling Athletic Performance

Of course, if you aren’t struggling with chronic pain but still want to experience the benefits of the Nadi Ball Method, we have you covered.

As fascial health becomes more mainstream, many athletes are turning to static stretching and foam rollers. There are times and places for both tools, but if you’re interested in deepening your stretches and building strength in a supportive way, the Nadi Balls are the answer.

Yogis, climbers, dancers, skaters, tennis players—if you can practice it, our method can help you achieve your goals.

The Bottom Line

We invite you to experience the power of the Nadi Ball Method in whatever capacity serves you. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to reach out to us here. We would love to speak with you.

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